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Sikkim Lok sabha (General) Elections Exit Polls 2014 Predictions

Sikkim Lok sabha (General) Elections Exit Polls 2014 Predictions information and details has been provided here. Sikkim is one of the smallest state of India. Besides Lok sabha Polls 2014 / General Elections of India 2014, Sikkim has also Assembly Elections in 2014. We have already predicted for the assembly elections of Sikkim. This year, Sikkim will see who will represent themselves in the VIdhan sabha as well as in Lok sabha.

Sikkim Exit Polls for Lok sabha 2014

In previous results of General Elections of India 2009, Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) won the lok sabha seat. SDF won Sikkim Lok sabha seat five times till date. In this election, SDF has fielded Nakul Das Rai as their candidate. Bharatiya Janata Party has choose N B Khatiwada as their candidate. Indian National Congress (INC) has choose A D Subba as their candidate. Another interesting thing is Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has also choose Kaushal Rai as their candidate from the Sikkim lok sabha constituency. So, there will be tough fight among these candidates.

Our prediction is showing that, Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) may win this lok sabha seat due to their edge in the popularity. Still, it is not easy for them due to heavy campaign by other political parties such as BJP, Congress and AAP. It will be decided that who will win Sikkim Lok sabha seat? We have to wait till results of Lok sabha Elections 2014 on 16th May, 2014.

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