Probable Dates of Lok sabha Election 2014 – General Elections of India

India is going to host the biggest democracy celebration with holding General Elections of India in the upcoming year 2014 or in the last months of 2013 year. Dates haven’t been announced by the Election Commission of India but we are also predicted that it will be held in the upcoming year 2014 due to so many years.

India is the largest democracy in the World. So, general elections of India attracts media from around the World. It is also biggest festival of Indian democracy. People already tired from so many gangsters and corrupted leaders. They wants to throw all these corrupted leaders from all political parties of India. So, it is the biggest chance for them to throw these bad politicians from the Parliament of India.

Election Commission of India (ECI) has also started preparation of the election throughout the country. It is also biggest responsibility for ECI to make this election with peaceful and good in all manner. It is also challenge due to so many hurdles in every state.

We will update all people/visitors of this website with probable dates of upcoming General Elections of India 2014.

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